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Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, PCA has been serving the Oakville community (South County of St. Louis) for over 25 years! We are a church that believes in the life of Jesus and the hope that is found in Him.

We believe in a relational God who loves His people, and we seek to share His love with our community. We see our mission as “Sharing Christ and His love… with each other, our neighbors and the world!” God sent his Son, Jesus, who paid the price for our wrongs and has given us hope, because Jesus is still alive. We are part of this story and we are part of God's family. We believe that we are beloved by God! Because we are beloved by God we are committed to loving others the way God has loved us. At Good Shepherd we are building a thriving, intergenerational community rooted in the Gospel, and we want to walk with you through your story and through your life.

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