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Trinity Kirkwood

Trinity began in 2006 with a small collection of people who wanted to start a church that would be true to the Bible, culturally relevant, and rooted in long-standing Christian tradition. On top of this, the desire was to be an intergenerational community that loves its neighbors as a “not for ourselves” congregation (2 Corinthians 4:5).

In 2010 we were blessed to find our current facility, which at the time was a broken-down, abandoned mess. Because we believe in a God who redeems, we were eager to restore the glorious ruin of an old elementary school and make it a place that glowed with grace and goodness. The building, in a small way, reflects what we believe God does for us as His people. Every person is created in God’s image and has a glory to them. However, sin and brokenness touch everything. The good news is that because of what Jesus did in his life, death, and resurrection, God’s grace can come in and restore the broken places. This is the vision that we deeply embrace — to be restored restorers who long to both love God and love our neighbors.

Trinity Church is a faith community that exists to exalt God’s name, establish God’s people, equip God’s church, and engage God’s world in the power of the Holy Spirit and for the sake of the Risen King, Jesus Christ.

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