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Review of Records Committee

The purpose of the Review of Records Committee is to enable the Presbytery to more effectively conduct the annual review of session records in accord with the provisions of BCO.


The Review of Records Committee will normally have at least 6 members divided into classes of three members each (for a total of three Ruling Elders and three Teaching Elders), elected for two-year terms. For the sake of mentoring and experience, priority will be given to Teaching Elders who are newly-ordained. By a majority vote, Presbytery may change the number of members until the next regular election of Committee Members (the April Stated Meeting).


  1. The Committee shall assist the Presbytery by annually collecting and reviewing Session records according to BCO chapter 40 and the MO Presbytery Standing Rules.
  2. The Committee shall record in its minutes and report to the Presbytery it’s approval, disapproval, or corrections for each Session’s records. Any serious irregularity will be reported to the Presbytery.
  3. The Committee shall communicate with clerks of Sessions about any matters that need correction in their records.

Policies and Procedures

  1. All churches are expected to submit three copies of records of minutes for the previous year to the Spring stated meeting of Presbytery.
  2. The Committee will schedule a meeting to review records. At Committee meeting, members will pair up (in 2’s or 3’s) to review each record of Session minutes. Notations of approval, disapproval, or corrections shall be recorded in Committee minutes.
  3. The Committee will present a summary of evaluations at the Summer stated meeting of Presbytery. Any serious irregularities will be made a part of the Committee’s report to Presbytery.


We have compiled a checklist to help clerks in our churches keep minutes that comply with Book of Church Order requirements. You can download a copy here.

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