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John and Cathy Rug

Missionaries to Valparaiso, Chile

John and Cathy Rug have served as church planters in Chile since 1986. Currently, they have a two-pronged ministry of church planting and work among those with disabilities.

In 2015, the Rugs began working with a Presbyterian church plant in Valparaíso where John participates in the ministry of the church leadership. Cathy helps with music and disciples women of the church and community through her Quilt Evangelism ministry.

The Rugs also reach out to some of Chile's “invisible” peoples, including the blind through the CEMIPRE Foundation they started. In order to facilitate a church-planting movement that reaches this largely overlooked group of people, the Rugs minister to them, their relatives, and friends through this resource center for the disabled (the CEMIPRE project). The project seeks to enable the Church to be more effective in crossing special needs barriers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

John and Cathy met at Geneva College in Pennsylvania and later married. As time passed, they became interested in the spread of the gospel in other lands through various missionaries who visited their church.