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Reference Concerning Memorial Presbyterian and Revoice

In October 2018 the Session of Memorial Presbyterian Church “referenced” Missouri Presbytery (BCO 41.1-4), asking the Presbytery to investigate and rule on allegations against them regarding their hosting of the Revoice Conference 18 in July 2018. Their Sr. Pastor, TE Greg Johnson, made a similar request, asking for a BCO 31.2 investigation. The Moderator reported to Presbytery that in response to Memorial’s requests, he had begun to set up an investigative committee and had asked TE Ron Lutjens to chair it. This committee is to conduct an investigation that covers both requests, and in the process is to review all these concerns and allegations and present their recommendations to Presbytery in 2019. The Moderator’s report on this matter was received by Presbytery without objection.

Note: You can find the final report of our Ad Hoc Committee here.

Subsequent to Presbytery’s October 16, 2018 Stated Meeting, its Moderator received written questions and concerns of several presbyteries on the same issue. Upon receiving them, he then also requested of the committee that it address these questions and concerns in its work. At its Stated Winter Meeting on January 15, 2019, Missouri Presbytery concurred, by vote, with the Moderator’s request to the committee.

The committee is composed of men from various perspectives, and it is interviewing representatives of the various perspectives in the process of its investigation, with the sincere intention of submitting its findings for the review of Missouri Presbytery in advance of the 2019 General Assembly.

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Rev. Timothy R. Butler, Stated Clerk